Professional Module

ACCA Professional Module

ACCA stands for the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants which is a primary international accountancy body. The qualification is acknowledged and is considered in other countries as being equivalent to their local qualification. It also provides evidence to employers that you have the capability in all aspects of the business. It is the largest and rapidly growing accountancy qualification in the world, with 198,000 fully experienced members and 486,000 students worldwide. They are amongst the world’s best qualified and most highly sought-after accountants – and they work in every sector you can imagine. The qualifications can be utilized to build up recruits from secondary schools or to support those already working in accounts hold up roles to get hold of formal acknowledgment of their abilities. Once you meet the criteria, ACCA Membership opens doors to a victorious career in Accountancy practice or Finance and instantly boosts your earning potential. It is extremely rated in the areas of Banking, Management, and Consulting. With ACCA, students have a chance to get B.Sc (Hons.) in Applied Accounting from Oxford Brookes University & M.Sc from University of London.

VIFHE offers a self-paced learning environment for all the students of ACCA to comprehend over financial studies and lift up the luck with us. Start your career in finance with ACCA to embark upon success. ACCA Qualification is intended to build up fundamental accounting knowledge, skills, and expertise. It makes proficient accountants who put up flourishing careers across all employment sectors & make the best use of the potential of finance departments and senior management teams. ACCA qualification nurtures the strategic & cutting-edge professional accountants that market needs. We are committed to your victory. That’s why ACCA is the first choice for accountancy students all over the World. Let’s join the most cutting-edge accountancy body and start your drive today. Studying for your ACCA with VIFHE is an unrivaled experience