Strategic Financial Management (S5) 

The course contains tools and techniques of financial management, which can be applied in the specific area of business, to manage operating, financing and investing activities.
Subject Expert : Rizwan Maniya
 Subject Specialist (SFM & SMA) 
 +13 Years Teaching Experience
Subject Expert : Taha Popatia
 Subject Specialist (FCMA, AMA, SFM & SMA) 
 +8 Years Teaching

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Strategic Financial Management Online Classes

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Hasan Dossani sir is the God for SBL. I studied from his notes and video lectures and his eye for detail in answering questions along with the approach he takes to guide students is really really helpful. He understands the pressure we feel and accordingly provides solutions / action plan. The tips and tricks make all the difference. The subject is not tricky but it is important to crack the way to write answers and sir has played a pivotal role in explaining this acquired skill beautifully. Thank you sir!
Nishtha Kumar
Hassam Dossani is a great teacher. He teaches in a way that’s not complicated and makes sure to simply every concept. I am very happy with the service that I got. Will be completing the rest of my exams using VIFHE
Joylene Nyadzo