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VIFHE is one of fastest growing online study platform. We provide industry-focused programmes intended to reveal global market trends. We focus on the most talented and ambitious candidates worldwide and works with our corporate partners to expand course structure with an international perspective in mind. We offer an unrivaled course of professional Accountancy qualifications giving students the flexibility to personalize their studies to meet their own modified career aspirations. With a study focus on internationalization, you will meet up students from a wide spectrum of cultural backgrounds that will broaden your horizons for learning. We provide 24*7 backup supports for students. You can contact your tutor whenever you desire. We are dedicated to delivering more than just first-rate theory. Our approach emphasis on offering everything you require to be successful in both your academic coaching and your career as a competent professional.

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It is the largest and rapidly growing accountancy qualification in the world, with 198,000 fully experienced members and 486,000 students worldwide. They are amongst the world’s best qualified and most highly sought-after accountants – and they work in every sector you can imagine. The qualifications can be utilized to build up recruits from secondary schools or to support those already working in accounts hold up roles to get hold of formal acknowledgment of their abilities. Once you meet the criteria, ACCA Membership opens doors to a victorious career in Accountancy practice or Finance and instantly boosts your earning potential. It is extremely rated in the areas of Banking, Management, and Consulting. With ACCA, students have a chance to get B.Sc (Hons.) in Applied Accounting from Oxford Brookes University & M.Sc from University of London.

O Level

Swap O-levels with GCSE and IGCSE exams in 1988. The Scottish equivalent was the O-grade (replaced, following a part process, by the Standard Grade). O Level directs to globally recognized qualifications, acknowledged by leading universities and employers worldwide as verification of academic skill. Assessment takes place at the end of the course and comprises written, oral and practical examinations. This offers students a diversity of ways to demonstrate their knowledge and skills, principally when their first language is not English.

24*7 Online Support

At VIFHE, you can be self-assured you are learning just what you need for the exam. You can get in contact with your tutor whenever required. Our staff is always here to offer supreme solutions for all your queries. Whether it is regarding your studies or any issue related to registration in the course or a technical backing, we are here to serve your needs whenever you reach us. We ensure that all the course material is 24*7 available online with optimal backup support from highly qualified staff.

Study Material

Our learning resources consist of study notes, revision notes, synopsis notes, that are easy to learn and understand plus help a student to comprehend every single point about the course so that he/she may not face any problem in studying.We have incorporated detailed study notes that will offer comprehensive knowledge to our students. We put forth interactive learning material that will serve up within your means. Our course study material includes pocket-sized, short revision notes that bring light to essential topics you need to learn to pass your exams. Moreover, the synopsis encompasses brief material that will help you in last minute preparation for the exam. Embrace online learning environment where your progress will be appraised timely to evaluate your understanding and offer practice sessions accordingly.At VIFEH, you can hit upon related content and resources at one stop, comprising digital copies of the printed study materials. We offer 24*7 textbook accessibility, wrapping up the full subject syllabus with examples and activities.

Self Study

VIFEH – your customized online study space with superfluous online content, accessible 24*7 to help you study and revise the scheduled classes. We provide theSelf-study with printed and online materials, recorded video lectures, and practice sessions for you to work throughout your own pace. Get hold on any video lectures at your own will, whenever wherever. You can also acquire news pertinent to your course, and track your performance against your mate students to evaluate your performance. We have made it even easier to cope up with your studies by watching chapter-wise video lectures at the comfort of your home. Intended to offer you more control over planning your studies and accessing resources on your mobile, it’s the optimum solution for VIFEH in a free app.

Practice Session

Our practice session offers you a plethora of exam-style questions and answers to test your knowledge and practice. These practice sessions are all set according to exam format and help you to spot your strengths and weaknesses before you take an exam.Students will also learn and implement basic study skills that facilitate becoming engaged ultimate learners.VIFEH put forward comprehensive exam preparation with a plenty of practice questions and test papers that make you feel like the real exam environment. Undertake exam-style assessments with the thorough analysis of your performance. Get a better understanding of how each topic is tested and how to perk up your mark. Our online learning environment will appraise your progress timely to evaluate your understanding and offer practice sessions accordingly.We let you develop the critical thinking, creativity, and confidence you need to succeed in your international exams.

Live Webinars

VIFEH aims to break new ground through ultimate online learning experiences for everyone, anywhere. Live online courses from the Virtual Institute for Higher Education have been designed to offer you an on-campus learning experience with all the benefits of online flexibility. We have our faculty lined up for you, offering online courses, which allow you to take live lectures anywhere in the world you are located. Get your hands on victorious future with live classes online from accessible wherever you desire. Want to learn in a customary timetabled classroom but no time to join? Let’s shake hand with VIFEH – since we put forth Live Online classes to you in real time. Interactive online classes will let you ask questions, make comments, get involved –similar to a conventional classroom. Can’t make it to the live class-stuck on a busy schedule? Don’t be depressed. We offer recorded sessions so you could watch them at your convenience.


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