Financial Management (FM)

ACCA Financial Management (FM) helps you develop the knowledge and skills expected of a finance manager, in relation to investment, financing and dividend policy decisions.
Subject Expert : Rizwan Maniya
 Subject Specialist (PM, FM & APM) 
 +13 Years Teaching Experience
 Delivered more than 10 Global Webinars (PM & APM) organized by  ACCA Pakistan
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Course contents


Everything was on point Alhamdulillah including lectures, live classes, assignments which helped me in identifying my mistakes, revision sessions, and how can I forget last minutes audio revisions sent by sir Rizwan if you are giving FM paper next consider VIFHE BEST MASHA ALLAH
Wardah Shahid
Sir Rizwan Maniya is, in my opinion, the greatest Financial Management teacher available. His teaching technique is fantastic; he ensures that every concept is covered in class and that each concept is understood. Aside from sir being an excellent instructor, I'd like to mention that the VIFHE portal is quite beneficial in terms of practice exams, assignments, and so on. Also, a great thank you to Sir's assistant, who was always there to clear my doubts and assist me! Overall, I had a terrific experience with VIFHE, and my advice to anyone interested in learning FM is to go with VIFHE; you won't be disappointed. Take my word for it.
Aakid Sahban