Taxation (TX)

ACCA Taxation (TX) helps you develop knowledge and skills relating to the tax system as applicable to individuals, single companies and groups of companies.
Subject Expert : Saniya Asif
 Subject Specialist (TX & ATX) 
 +16 Years Teaching Experience
 Founder of Primero Business Solutions, a boutique firm offering accounting and taxation services to international clients
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Shreya Arora
Rizwan sir and his team at Vifhe have been excellent right from the very start. The team was always available to solve my queries and provide any kind of technical support. Rizwan sir is genuinely one of the best ACCA instructor that I've come across. His immense passion and knowledge for the subject is evident from the way he teaches and approaches questions. Rizwan sir also conducts the game changer series and grand revision for every attempt and these webinars are available for everyone (including those who are not a part of VIFHE family). This for me is just exceptional, just how much sir is willing to go out of his way for APM students in general. I wish Rizwan sir and VIFHE all the best for their future endeavors.
Sahil Arora