A Project Of E DYNAMIC SOLUTIONS. For VIFHE We have developed an LMS from which students watch the recorded lectures and study from it. A Testing Platform has been developed in which the students test themselves.


The conventional method of teaching has been put to test with digital learning. With technology being at the center-stage of education these days, educators are required to explore how best to merge technology with teaching. There is just one ultimate-goal – student success! Making sure that the accurate infrastructure is in place is a supreme priority. Devoid of this, student learning goals are at risk. We are obsessive about every level of the learning process, supporting educators in exploring the prospective that will help students step on to the next stage of education. As students, teachers and IT departments discover a new era of learning, we are opening up a world of possibilities.
Let us transform your generic classroom into high-tech learning spaces.

Creating Hybrid Learning Solution

We recognize that every institution is unique, and so their needs for learning and training. We will devise and apply a comprehensive learning environment based on the exceptional needs and requirements of your institution. We ensure schools have the tools that they require to prepare their students for success in the classroom. With our customized solutions, teachers are able to focus on the most effective learning methods.
We give you the prospect to transform traditional lectures into online recorded lecturers and let learners review their class lectures. The learning management system will allow the teachers to give assignment online, as well as assignment submission and marking will also be simplified. Rest assured because you have unlimited access to E-learning materials and teachers can track their student’s progress and performance. We are here to make you standout in highly competitive educational Era.

Space-board Technology

Significant aspects of our technology-rich learning classroom solutions include incorporation of Space-board technology. We offers Space-board technology that boosts classroom productivity by improving the abilities of the instructor and offering students mutual learning opportunities that let them understand the instruction and hold on to essential information. A Space-board is half chalkboard and half projection screen that glides course material between the teacher and their student. It helps faculty transformation by utilizing chalkboards in face-to-interactive classrooms to bring out the same lectures online through digital video. Space-board technology enables a personalized, secure and interactive learner experience to transform the learning experience and enhance engagement. It encourages interactivity while upholding creativity and learning across the syllabus. By employing a piece of glass as a substitute of a chalkboard and bright ink in place of chalk, the conventional chalkboard has been re-conceptualized for a digital era and is recognized as a Space-board.

Exam Based Practice Bank and Mocks

Our practice bank and mock services offers institutions a plethora of exam-style questions and answers to test your knowledge and practice. These practice sessions are all set according to exam format and help you to spot your strengths and weaknesses before you take an exam. Students will also learn and implement basic study skills that facilitate becoming engaged ultimate learners. We put forward comprehensive exam preparation with a plenty of practice questions and test papers that make you feel like the real exam environment. Undertake exam-style assessments with the thorough analysis of your performance. Get a better understanding of how each topic is tested and how to perk up your mark. Our online learning environment will appraise your progress timely to evaluate your understanding and offer practice sessions accordingly. We let you develop the critical thinking, creativity, and confidence you need to succeed in your exams.