Strategic Business Reporting (SBR)

SBR exam requires you to demonstrate your ability to make strategic business reporting decisions. Set within the corporate reporting environment you will be tested on concepts, theories, principles and crucially your ability to apply this knowledge to real life scenarios
Subject Expert : Aaisha Faisal
 Subject Specialist (FR & SBR) 
 +5 Years Teaching Experience
 Senior Analyst with Big4 Audit Firms Worldwide
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I was opted on the classes by VIFHE but due to time constraints and other commitments I was never a regular to the class, during the December webinar she told us to practice 20 questions importantly …if there was time to practice the rest, but I practiced only the 20 questions and did a brief reading of her standards notes which she compiled. I can also say that it would be a maximum of 3-4days that I gave it all to the subject. Whenever there was a doubt on how something has arrived, I’d go to the recorded classes and her video explanation of that question would have been there and it helped me. Overall it was well worth the money
Marwa Ahamed
The overall experience under the guidance of Ms. Tashwita Gupta was phenomenal for me. The concept delivery by her was extremely strong and it makes the understanding very easy and absorbing. She has a thorough knowledge of the subject. The Exam planner too was very helpful for me to plan my week properly. The Game Changer series was very helpful as well. Not only do they help in the revision of Concepts but also with practical questions in just 5 days. Moreover, she was always there to guide us, help us in clearing concepts. She has thought us each and every concept from the scratch along with real-time examples. At last, I want to thank her from the bottom of my heart.❤️❤️
Tushar Farmah