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ACCA (FIA) Courses

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Financial Transactions
Management Information (MA1)

Become a Master in Accounting and Finance with VIFHE's ACCA Courses in Mauritius

Applied Knowledge
Business and Technology (BT)
Applied Knowledge
Accounting (FA)
Applied Knowledge
Management Accounting (MA)
Applied Skill
Corporate & Business Law (LW)
Applied Skill
Applied Skill
Reporting (FR)
Applied Skill
Performance Management (PM)
Applied Skill
Management (FM)
Applied Skill
Audit & Assurance
Strategic Professional (Essential)
Strategic Business Reporting (SBR)
Strategic Professional (Essential)
Strategic Business Leader (SBL)
Strategic Professional (Optional)
Advanced Financial Management (AFM)
Strategic Professional (Optional)
Advanced Audit and Assurance (AAA)
Strategic Professional (Optional)
Advanced Taxation (ATX)
Strategic Professional (Optional)
Advanced Performance Management (APM)

Meet our 
globally recognised 

Rizwan Maniya

 Subject Specialist (APM, PM & FM)
 +13 Years Teaching Experience
 Delivered more than 10 Global Webinars (PM & APM) organized by  ACCA Pakistan

Hasan Dossani

 Subject Specialist (SBL)
 +20 Years Teaching Experience
Currently, A Director Finance In a Multinational Company

Ahmed Mumtaz

 Subject Specialist (AA & AAA)
 +11 Years Teaching Experience
Delivered more than 3 Global Webinars (AA) organized by ACCA Pakistan

Tashwita Gupta

 Subject Specialist (FR & SBR)
 +7 Years Teaching Experience
World's Youngest ACCA affiliate ,Completed ACCA at the age of 18


 Subject Specialist (FR)
 Ex - Data Analyst - KPMG Global Services
 Ex - Audit Associate - EY

Abeel Ahmed

 Subject Specialist (ATX)
 +17 Years Teaching Experience
Nation Wide & 6 Global ATX Positions 

Taha Popatia

 Subject Specialist (MA & AFM)
 +9 Years Teaching Experience
Has secured multiple national positions.

Ali Amanullah

 Subject Specialist (FR)
 +7 Years Teaching Experience
Manager Accounts & Tax in Pharmaceutical Company

Taimoor Mushtaq

 Subject Specialist (FA)
 +8 Years Teaching Experience
 Holder of an advanced diploma in accounting and business

Asim Iqbal

 Subject Specialist (BT & LW)
 +6 Years Teaching Experience

Jawad Rauf

 Subject Specialist (FA)
 +8 Years Teaching Experience
 Member of "Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan" (ICAP)






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Achieve Your Career Goals with VIFHE's ACCA Course in Mauritius

Are you looking to advance your career in the finance industry? Then consider enrolling in VIFHE's ACCA course in Mauritius. The ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) is a globally recognized professional accounting qualification that will equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in the industry.

At VIFHE in Mauritius, we offer a comprehensive ACCA program designed to help you achieve your career goals. Our course is taught by experienced professionals who have a deep understanding of the ACCA syllabus and the finance industry. With a focus on practical application and real-world scenarios, you'll gain a well-rounded education that will prepare you for success.

Studying ACCA in Mauritius at VIFHE offers several benefits. Our program provides a supportive and dynamic learning environment, with plenty of opportunities to network with other finance professionals. Additionally, by earning an ACCA qualification, you'll join a community of successful ACCA graduates and gain access to a wide range of resources and career opportunities.

Don't miss out on the chance to advance your career and achieve your professional goals. Enroll in VIFHE's ACCA course in Mauritius today.

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Marks - 70
 I took lectures for AA from Sir Ahmed. He is just superb. His lectures were too good. I just followed his plan and cleared the exam with 70%, it's all because of his guidance and god's grace. Thank you so much sir and VIFHE.
Ramaluxmmy Ramalingam
Marks - 76
VIFHE's technique and constantly support was truly remarkable. The two mocks given with amazing feedback has been extremely helpful. The million dollar techniques have been so useful to understand the question and what is required from it Sir you t technique and patience has been the highest support. Throughout the live classes and mock when you have shared your thoughts and concerns. This personal touch has honestly made us simplify such a paper and make it more approachable and understandable. Truly grateful to have known your institute through a friend of mine
Harshi Shah
Marks - 71 
VIFHE is an institute where you not only get the education but proper guidance too which helps a lot in the exam, Sir Rizwan is a great teacher and he stays with the students throughout the whole course which encourage the students to put their all efforts.
Marks - 77
I had a very pleasant experience studying SBR from VIFHE under the apt guidance of Tashwita Ma'am. The portal presented lots of resources including kit questions debriefs, short notes, etc. which were very helpful.
Megha Johnson
Marks - 59
I took AAA with Sir Ahmed Mumtaz for December 2022 attempt. He is literally the best guide I could have asked for. Not only did he explain the syllabus in time, but also he was with us till the moment of the exam. He made sure to give examples and also highlighted the importance of professional skills in life, wherever we work.
Tushita Gupta
Marks - 84
Thank you so much Miss Tashwita. Being an exemption student it was not easy to learn all the content in the short time but the recorded lectures and live sessions really pushed us. The content was covered swiftly leaving enough time for revision and the revision sessions and mocks were just amazing. I thank you Miss Tashwita and VIFHE for all the support. Looking forward to taking more papers with you.
Sagar Patel
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Can We Study ACCA for Free?

Yes!!! VIFHE has launched its Gamification Learning Model in which Learners have to complete 7 Levels and score above a defined Percentage. Furthermore, They also have to pass the ACCA Exam . Learners could avail Upto $30 Discounts for next attempts. 
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