We all know that the whole world is under the pandemic. This challenging period has greatly affected work, lifestyle and education. You are tied to your homes and facing losses be it in education, business or your lifestyle, however health and safety should be the topmost priority.

ACCA also made the wise decision by not taking exams at this stage. But gradually as the pandemic us becoming the new normal, everyone is trying to live alongside the pandemic and following the precautionary measures. Institutions have resorted to o online teaching. Those of you who relied on physical classes must be facing difficulties in online studying. However , Vifhe has come to your resort as always by presenting you the top tips for racing your ACCA while sitting at home.

Steer away from the news and media

In these times of crisis and stress where every person is fighting his own demons, watching the rising cases of the virus and the number of deaths adds up to more stress. Specially when you are a student and really want to make it work. Our advice is to stay away from the news channels, newspapers and any virus related news and details.

Create your own personal space

Before this calamity struck you used to get away for class in your institution or work and study in a library where you found peace and quiet. Living in your home and studying has its drawbacks so you need to create your own studying space maybe in a corner of our home or some secluded spot away from your bickering siblings and lecturing parents. You personal space will give you an environment of a class with added concentration.

Divide yourself between family, work and studies

Many of you will be juggling work alongside studying with family. Don’t worry it’s not thattough if you manage. Juggling work from home and studying from home can be a strenuous task because you have your family living there. But you have to set your priorities, divide yourself between work and studying and relaxing in your home. If you have the option set up your work from and studying desk in a different place or you can just change the setting if there is no option. This is just to trick your brain into thinking that you are in a different place.

Set a schedule and FOLLOW

Set up a realistic schedule which is easy for you to maintain and follow. You working time, studying time and family time should be listed down and then follow the specified time periods for each task. Remember to incorporate the feature of relaxation such as teatime with family or a phone call or a simple walk in your backyard. You should be comfortable while going about your day to day tasks.

Follow online resources

Now that you have the option of studying online, you should take help from other sources as well to educate and enlighten yourself. You can get access to all our lectures here for a free demo. After that you can get your self registered for our extensive lectures, follow webinars and also have a one on one with our top of the line tutors. If you want just a good read then you can read our informative blogs here.