ACCA Post Result Review

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Failed your ACCA exam? Do not know the reason? Looking for ways to clear it in the next attempt?
Passed the exam? Congratulations!! Do not know how to proceed further?

You have arrived at the right place!!!

VIFHE is holding a post result review session of the March 2021 ACCA exam. Cherry on the top is that it is on the same day of the result; 12th April, 2021.

The anxiety and stress of the result day is REAL. The pressure of society and to prove yourself acceptable in the same society and also your intelligence can get on your nerves and sometimes lead you towards depression and suicidal thoughts. Ways to beat the result day stress is also live on the blog.

STOP right here, Vifhe won't let you do this to yourself. Failure is not the end of the world, it is not final but a step towards your ultimate success. You will fail when you let failure get to your heart. A person who secured a pass is not better than you or you are less intelligent than them. The only difference is that he might have used a different strategy to learn and practice.

Similarly, if you have cleared a course then do be proud but do not let arrogance accompany it. A person is not successful when he lets his success get to his head. You have done well but there are more courses to pass, you cannot stop here, you have to go further even after you have completed your ACCA, there will be more hurdles and competitions in life, you have to select your career, your job and your future.

Vifhe extends its hands for all the students, those who have passed and those who have not on a global level.


Rizwan Maniya(CEO)(FM, PM, APM)
Hassan Dossani (SBL)

Experts Panelists

Taha Popatia (AFM)
Tashwita Gupta (SBR)
Khamis Bilal (TX & ATX)
Faizan Farooq (TX Urdu)
Munir Shafi (AAA)
Hasnain Rahmani (AA)

The session will include discussions on:
● Guidance on how to cope up with failure and a boost of confidence.

● Failure happens to the best of us.

● Future strategy on how to go about the study material and the depth of the subject.

● What paper combination to select in the future.

● Paper attempting strategy.

● Time management

● How to improve and achieve a pass in the future.

● How to plan and how much to practice.

● Answer all your queries and issues.

Our team of expert panelists will be guiding you on how to set a framework for the future, how to apply your knowledge on the exam day and how to gain your confidence back. They will be discussing what steps to take whether you have failed or passed and what next subjects to pursue. They will be discussing their own experiences which will be a guiding light for you as they each are highly qualified and experts in their fields.

So no need to wait and register now by clicking here:
Don't forget to tune it to Vifhe at on 12th April 9p.m Pakistan time.