Due to the pandemic, students across the world faced a lot of set back in their studies. Likewise, ACCA students also faced the same fate in terms of exam cancellation and hindered exam progress.


This led to the introduction of remote exams by ACCA. Remote exams allow students to progress with the qualification despite the disruption covid19 has caused.


From the start, students were encouraged to book exams for local centers. But, if any health and safety issues or disruption occur then updates will be provided in consideration of changed circumstances.


Furthermore, ACCA actively updates its learning providers which in turn customize their teaching method to allow students to adapt to remote exams. Vifhe is a top learning provider that offers online practice and testing platforms so that students are better equipped to sit real exams.


This article informs students on important details they should consider if they are planning to take remote exams

Eligibility criteria

There are certain conditions that students must meet before an exam is booked. These cover some technical checks and environmental setup. First you need to check whether you qualify for a remote exam or not.


1.    There are protocols put in place by ACCA where location centers are open and available. There is a list of open and closed centers on the ACCA Global website where you can check if center based exams are conducted in your location. If not then a remote session can be opted for.

2.    Secondly, ACCA global website contains a video detailing requirements about Internet connection and relevant setup. This is required before booking the exam.

3.    Thirdly, webcam, internet speed, and microphone performance are part of desk setup. These are set up made pre-booking and must be met otherwise the exam can't run. Plus ACCA website has a video link that educates students on exam rules and regulations.


Exam planner

The on-demand papers can be booked through exam planners.


1.    There is a video and written guide that takes you step by step through the booking process. So, choose the one that you are most comfortable with. It is provided in detail on the website.

2.    The remote exam section of the ACCA web page contains a link to the exam timetable page. Here you can see when and where remote exams are taking place.

3.    When you go on the website it is easier to find details regarding time slots, deadlines, and regulations surrounding the exam. All this information is necessary during the booking process.

Exam prep

When exams are nearing and practice becomes a very important aspect as a determinant of exam success. Whether it's center-based or CBE paper practice is important. But the CBE requires different types of practice. Here is why:


1.    When transitioning from learning to revision phase. It is important to practice as much as possible under exam setup. so it is useful to get accustomed to practice platforms for the real exams.

2.    There is an online institute, VifHe that offers support to students with their CBEs practice through its practicing platform. It provides step by step guidance from expert tutors on exam technique, delivery of content, and technical support.

3.    There is an online scratchpad facility available for real exams and students can only perform their workings on it. These are not visible to the examiner but can be checked by them via the response area.

The awaited exam day

Here is a list of things students can expect on an exam day:


1.    The exam planner contains a link to 'your Plan'. To access it login to myACCA, book paper, and get the plan.

2.    Students would then be required to enter phone numbers and download invigilation software.

3.    For security reasons, students would be required to adhere to security protocol. Through uploading pictures of themselves, their ID and desk, and surrounding setup.

4.    There is a 30 min difference between exam launch and start time. Students can't launch their exams after the scheduled start time.

5.    Students are advised to close all other applications when the paper starts. Also, a break would be given but the exam time will not be stopped.


Now the question remains: when are you booking your remote exam and get on with your ACCA  qualification?