You must have heard about the phrase that “Failures lead towards success.” Everyone at any point in time have experienced failures. Failure does not mean that it’s the end but it means to start again the unfinished task with more perseverance that before.

If you fail an ACCA paper then do not despair or stress yourself out. ITS COMPLETELY ALRIGHT!! You have another chance and even a third one for that matter. If your course does not get cleared in one attempt you can go for another try, in fact you will have a better chance of scoring high Mark’s in your second attempt because you will be double prepared.

Accept your failure

First of all you need to calm down and accept that you have failed. Secondly accept that failure happens to the best of us and it’s not the end of the world. Failure does not mean that your career in accounting is finished or that your dream to become a successful accountant has shattered. It will surely come as a shock and you will be grief stricken but only for a short period of time. Stay calm and relaxed as nothing can unturned anything. You are not the only one who is going through this.

Review what went wrong

Now that you have take some days to be sad and solemn, it was your due right, but you have to get back on your feet or books, for that matter. Wear your thinking cap and think where you did wrong. Was it lack of time? So now you will have to polish up your writing speed. Or the fact that you spent too much time on one part of the paper. Or that you did not learn a certain section if the course which made you fail. Whatever the reason now you should have double the determination. Focus more on the areas where you lacked.

Get a one to one talk with your teacher

In this pandemic you cannot talk face to face but we at Vifhe are at your service. We will solve all your queries, give you time till you get the complete hang of the course. You should also check the examiners report and see what they expected and how they wanted the questions to be answered. You can also choose to hire a personal tutor or an affiliated ACCA learning partner which can help you out. You can join the ACCA Learning Community associate yourself with a number of students from around the world and ask them queries in the forum.

Plan out

So now when you know where you made the fault, you should make a plan. The plan should list your studying times and your relaxing time. Focus on the subject, revise as much as you can, solve as many questions as you can till you become an expert.

Remember nothing can stop your from achieving your goals.