The Horror Of The Result Day

So, the day is about to come when you will get the ACCA Results of your respective papers. It is natural to feel overwhelmed, scared, excited and a range of mixed feelings. But whatever the result you will get you have to accept your result wholeheartedly without any hard feelings.

There are many things that you can do before your ACCA Result day. You can completely prepare yourself for the upcoming result whether pass or fail and think about what you can do in the future. If you have given the initial ACCA papers then you must be quite scared. Remember focus on quality rather than quantity. You must not only study in order to finish the 14 papers and get the degree, but you need to understand the concept of each and every subject and paper and learn how to apply it in practical life. Understanding has more essence than just clearing the papers.

Talk It Out

You have given the paper so only you know how well you have performed. If you know that you have given a good attempt then talk it out and discuss with your parents, peers, and teachers beforehand that how your paper went. Talk about your weak areas and emphasize on doing better in next attempt. Also, remind them that it is not an easy task to become an ACCA Affiliate and you are doing your best, so if you do not clear in one attempt, you need their support and love. Take your parents in confidence and mentally prepare them. But, who knows that the examiner is in a good mood and you secure a pass.

 Prepare Yourself

Prepare all the documents beforehand. Put an alarm if necessary to check the result at the earliest. Take a good healthy meal because your hormone level and blood pressure would be high due to the anticipation and excitement in terms of your result.

Rest Well

A well-rested body and mind can deal with situations and scenarios more calmly. It is natural to feel stressed out and exhausted at the moment but you will need to take complete rest for the result day.

Expectations Went Wrong

If you had attempted your paper well and you are completely confident about securing a pass, but unexpectedly you did not pass. Then, you do not need to be distressed or sad or angry. You will need to display your calm in such a situation because even the best people can fail. There is always a next time and a better opportunity. You learn from your mistakes through failures and you give a better paper in the next attempt. It is not as if the world has ended, it was only one paper.

You Passed

If you passed then many many congratulations. If you have cleared all the 14 papers then you are finally an ACCA Affiliate and you are free, but if not then you have to study for further papers in order to complete your ACCA. You have a right to be thrilled and overjoyed but you should contain your excitement and happiness for the sake of those who did not clear as they will feel sadder.

So, these were some things you need to do before the result day. Hope you all pass with flying colors. Let the countdown begin.