VIFHEs High Achievers

Faryal Nasir
VIFHE stands for Virtual Institute for Higher Education, which came into existence in 2018 by Rizwan Maniya (FM, PM, APM). He had a vision to launch the top online institute which is recognized globally.
After 3 years of hard work, commitment and perseverance, VIFHE has made its mark in the world with students from 93 countries who not only praise VIFHE and its skilled mentors but also prove their point by scoring the highest marks and achieving positions.
VIFHE asked 3 questions from the highest achievers of the March 2021 attempt and compiled their responses below.
Note: These students are those who have scored highest marks compared to all the students of VIFH

Q1. What
is the secret behind your high score? 
Q2. What advice would you give to the fellow students studying the same course?
Q3. How has VIFHE and your teacher played a part in bringing out the best of you?

Their responses are compiled together for all those who think ACCA is tough, who are depressed due to their failure or those who need encouragement. Lets what our high achievers have to say…..

Name: Tushita Gupta
Course: FR
Tutor: Tashwita Gupta
%age: 70

The secret to get good marks in FR lies solely under the knowledge of concepts and IASs. Another secret ingredient is *PRACTICE* and a lot of practice.
2.  I would advise my fellows to work smart instead of hard. The focus should be on key areas. Again, do a LOT OF PRACTICE.
3. VIFHE was the perfect catalyst in my preparation for the FR exam. My mentor, Ms. Tashwita Gupta, deserves the Best Teacher award to prepare us in a manner that she achieved a 100% pass rate and constantly pushed us forward.
Course: FM
Tutor: Rizwan Maniya
%age: 65

1. There isn’t really a secret, it all comes down to dedication and smart study, I had to make sure that every major part of the syllabus was covered and especially theory which is often overlooked by students. Apart from that, practice is a key aspect of your course. Make sure that you practice enough.
2. I would advise that you follow your mentors guidelines and study plan and make sure you stick to it. Find your weaknesses and work on them by practicing for those specific parts, keep doing that until you get that part right. Lastly, I would suggest that you should always read your question carefully and understand the requirement of the question and prepare your answer neatly.
3. VIFHE’s platform for my preparation was a huge advantage as their portal is equipped with the latest tech, so it had a proper testing platform, a user-friendly portal for assignments and lectures. Sir Rizwan Maniya was my mentor and all credit goes to him, I was able to pass due to his hardwork and effort. With his mnemonics method and easily explained formats things became really easy. He is undoubtedly a great teacher and mentor.
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Name: Surya Subburam
Course: PM
Tutor: Rizwan Maniya
%age: 63

1.There is no big secret to be honest. I was just consistent in studying daily and I kept daily targets which I met on a regular basis.
2.My advice for the upcoming students who are giving this paper should start early as possible rather than procrastinating to the last as the portions are vast. Moreover it would be difficult to grasp concepts initially if you are exempted for management accounting. So unless we don’t put the right efforts it would be a hectic task. When you are studying performance evaluation questions, I would highly recommend the students to go through the technical article ‘ Tackling performance evaluation questions. ‘ I would suggest students not freak out when they see the solutions of those chapter questions in the exam kit because that’s not what the examiner wants. He just wants a simple and brief answer and to the point. So there is no point in complicating yourself when attempting such questions. This section needs to be practiced a lot and get it evaluated by Rizwan Maniya sir.
3.My whole experience throughout VIFHE went very smooth and the VIFHE’s portal was really great. I would recommend Rizwan Maniya sir to any students who are about to take the pm paper. He teaches in such a way that he makes sure that the concept gets retained within the students until the exam with the help of mnemonics so there is no need for us to keep on going through the previous topics once we have learned those. Those pitch variations when he teaches doesn’t make the class boring and sleepy. I was very active when he taught each topic.
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Course: SBR
Tutor: Tashwita Gupta
%age: 74

1. Set g
oals for each day. Study when your mind is relaxed. Eat healthy and sleep well.
2. - Know your standards and concepts well. It's normal to forget them. Keep Revisiting and revising them.
- Keep a notebook. Find your own method of jotting. Create mind maps, use highers etc.
- Next step is to apply your concepts to questions. Practice from the exam kit.
- Then read examiners reports, technical articles can enhance your writing skills.
- Opting for a tutor can be helpful cause they will be well aware of exam patterns and techniques to write answers.
- Write a mock exam with time constraints and get it evaluated by a qualified tutor.
3. VIFHE has provided an amazing virtual platform with recorded lectures, hence I was able to revisit concepts. The site also shows the progress, which was a motivating factor to focus. Also the VIFHE team was always available in clarifying technical needs.
I am very thankful to Ms. Tashwita for the support and motivation throughout her sessions. She ensured to build concepts well connecting with real life examples. She also took time to clarify doubts during live lectures.
Overall it was an amazing experience with VIFHE and Ms. Tashwita.
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Name: Anubhuti Tyagi
Course: SBL
Tutor: Hassan Dossani
%age: 71

1: - A proper plan and time management
- Practice as much as question you can with at least 4 mocks attempts ( and do ask Sir Hasan remarks on those as that will help you identifying your shortcomings)
- For CBE students, it’s a benefit of writing the desirable qs first .. it’s a key.. as when you are comfortable with a qs concept .. you will take much less time to attempt it
- and last but not the least - don’t fall for models- I didn’t use any model in any of my qs a build a right flow in my answers
2: keep up your pace with the classes.. if a chapter is uploaded on the portal get it done within the the time before the next chapter get uploaded.. this pattern will give you more confidence and time for your first revision (that will be early then other students I bet if follow this properly)
3: Sir Hasan's direction and technique has made my life easy while doing SBL practice.
I assure that if a student follow his note and recommended qs properly then you will be really confident on the day of your exam
Also, the online lecture portal of VIFHE is very user friendly..
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Course: APM
Tutor: Rizwan Maniya
%age: 68
1:I would emphasize few things I did differently rather than previous attempts:
- Answer on each question I divided on paragraphs. One paragraph equals one idea for which I expected to earn marks. One paragraph should contain not more then 2-3 sentences for time efficiency. Each paragraph should start from the main idea and relation to scenario. Each and every paragraph should be related to the scenario, otherwise it is useless.
- My last attempt was CBE. Typing is always faster rather than handwriting. I was able to type more in my answers rather than previous attempts.
- I spend more time on practice questions. As many questions you will draft yourself as better you will be prepared. Syllabus is not important. What is important is how to apply it to scenarios.
- Make sure you will finish ALL the questions. That was my first try when I finished all questions one minute before the time ended.
2:- Forget about theory syllabus. Only questions and only past papers. Draft your answers yourself and only if the question is completely not clear go for the syllabus and then come back to draft your question with use of it. Your answer should not be exactly as in past paper, but the idea should remain the same.
- You should draft as many past papers as possible. That is the only key to success.
- Pay attention to the question techniques that VIFHE gives you. They are very useful.
3:- The biggest role of VIFHE for me was to show me the proper techniques how to pass different types of questions. Before VIFHE I was not even aware of most of them. Without them syllabus is useless and 0 chances to pass.
- VIFHE also helped me to structure my learning and practicing process, so I obtained the complete and straight instrument that shows me the direction and allows me to track my progress.
- Another benefit of VIFHE is mental encouraging. Sir Rizwan was always with us and helped us, motivation added value in my success.
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Lo and behold, we are not done yet because with VIFHE you will not attain a pass and high scores but VIFHE along with its expert mentors makes sure you secure the highest positions. This year we have a NATIONWIDE position holder for APM. The course was taught by the APM expert SIR RIZWAN MANIYA. With his unparalleled teaching methodologies and constant support and encouragement, he has secured 8 nationwide positions in APM alone through his students. Lets see what the APM high achiever of March 2021 attempt has to say.

Name: Anmol Nadeem
Course: APM
Tutor: Rizwan Maniya
1: How does it feel to be known as the nationwide position holder for APM March 2021 attempt?
1: Overwhelmed and blessed!
2: What is your secret to getting a high score?
2: I study every topic thoroughly and don't leave anything on choice
3: Did you think that you could attain such a status?
3: I was aiming for distinction when I picked this exam, that's why i chose sir Rizwan Maniya
4: What advice would you give to fellow students giving the same paper?
4: Write practical answers and don't take stress of time .
5: What was the role of VIFHE and your mentor in your course?
5: My experience with VIFHE
"The procedure from registration to getting your own account , watching the recorded lectures and attending live classes is so smooth , unlike other interfaces , VIFHE has the most user friendly interface which lets you study online with so much ease, moreover it has a tracker to let you know how much of a course is done which keeps you motivated .the lectures are divided into short videos and include animation which keep you engaged throughout! personally i think it is the best online learning institution out there!!"
6: What would you like to say about the mentor Rizwan Maniya?
6: My experience with sir Rizwan Maniya:
"When i made my mind to get distinction , I started looking for the best teachers there are , and even in the list of best teachers, sir Rizwan is the best of them! He starts explaining from the basics and makes sure you understand the underlying concept before you get to the main concept! He first builds your core then he builds you further up ! His teaching style is very engaging . And the best thing is , sir Rizwan and his team are very responsive to all sorts of queries and they help you without any hesitation ."

If you not only want to pass the course in your first attempt but also get hold of a position or you are struggling to clear your paper or you did not clear the first time then its the best time to get yourself enrolled at VIFHE. As VIFHE is offering 30% discount for the resist batch for June 2021 attempt. So what are you waiting for???