Since the pandemic struck, there is no option but to pursue education online. Starring from grade one till university, everyone has opted for online education. Since there is no other way, we have to make the best of it.

As an ACCA student , you must be either starting the qualification or must have been halfway through or might be nearing the end. Whatever the case you surely need motivation to pursue your qualification online. Do you remember getting up early in the morning for your institute and classes? Sometime you secretly wished that you could study staying at home and not have to leave the comfort of your home. Well now you have the perfect opportunity to fulfilyour wish. Except now you want to go out and study. Well since now you are at home, we at Vifhe present you the top 6 ways you can motivate yourself and study online with us.

1.       Create your study station

Number one thing you need for self motivation is your own personalized study station. Make sure it is just for your online study so that it is separate from your other work or activities. A different setup for study will trick your brain into thinking that you are in a new place.Give it your personal touches such as a candle or your family picture or whatever you prefer. Make sure you have everything you need for studying such as your laptop, tablet, headphones, speakers and other things that you require.

2.       Set a timetable

What you need is a timetable and a study routine which you have to follow. Make sure the timetable is easy for you to follow. The timetable will motivate you to finish your course on time. Mark your online classes on the timetable and treat them as your physical classes which cannot be cancelled.

3.       The internet is your world

In physical classes you used to rely on the class lectures and either one or two books but isn’t that rote learning? In online you can listen to our online lectures, follow our webinars, read our informative blogs and also take crash revisions and courses. If even that’s not enough you can take our mock examination to get yourself assessed. Other than that you can take help from different apps available.

4.       Networking is your tool

The time is not to sit idle but use the key of networking as a resource. In the ACCA forum you will find someone online 24/7 which means if you have any query even in the middle of the night, you can message and get answers and also gain more information. Also our dedicated tutors will be available at your service whenever you need.

5.       Get your much needed break

Get your breaks, plan outing, hang out with friends and chill. You are not in a cage. Breaks help your mind to soothe and open up. This will freshen you up and motivate you to study more and more.

6.       Focus on the outcome

The best motivation is the outcome. Think about all the benefits you can reap when you put your time into studying hard. You will become a qualified ACCA with a world full of opportunities and success. Focus on your future.