Performance Management (PM) 

ACCA Performance Management (PM) helps you develop knowledge and skills in the application of management accounting techniques to quantitative and qualitative information for planning, decision-making, performance evaluation, and control.
Subject Expert : Rizwan Maniya
 Subject Specialist (PM, FM & APM) 
 +13 Years Teaching Experience
 Delivered more than 10 Global Webinars (PM & APM) organized by  ACCA Pakistan
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RIZWAN sir is LITERALLY the BEST teacher for PM. Passing with an 83 on my very first attempt, I am spellbound by sir’s way of teaching. The lectures, plans, and assignments given by VIFHE played an instrumental role in my passing. I believe that there cannot be a better teacher at all to teach the way Rizwan sir does. I literally have no words. I’m so glad that I discovered about VIFHE and chose it for my ACCA journey. Thank you so much, sir and VIFHE!
Ishita Jain
1st Nation Wide Position in IRAQ
It was a wonderful experience to study with VIFHE and Sir Rizwan Maniya. Studying PM with him was a joy. He explained topics and questions in detail and made them quite easy. I did not get the impression that PM is that difficult. I made a complete log of the lectures. There are approximately 113 hours of lectures plus webinars and live classes which cover almost both BPP and KAPLAN kit questions, all recent past exams, and examiner’s reports. I watched all lectures 2 times and kept on practicing all questions as well.
Nasir Abbas