OBU Mentorship Program

ACCA and Oxford Brookes University have worked together to develop a BSC (Hons) Degree in Applied Accounting, which is available exclusively to ACCA students who wish to obtain a degree while studying towards the ACCA Qualification.
Subject Expert : Syed Amjad
 Approved OBU Mentor
 3 Sessions With the Mentor
 +10 Years Teaching Experience
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Vifhe: Your Door to OBU Online Mentorship in Pakistan

Are you worried about your ACCA qualification? Worried that you are being qualified but do not have something in hand? Then you are at the right place. Although after clearing the ACCA online courses from Vifhe, you are qualified enough to get a job in the most prestigious firms and companies anywhere around the world, if you want to enhance the process of being qualified along with a degree then you should go for Online OBU mentorship from Vifhe.

What is the OBU Mentorship Program?

OBU stands for Oxford Brookes University mentorship program. ACCA joined hands with Oxford Brookes University to all the eligible students the opportunity to obtain the globally recognized degree, BSc Honours in Applied Accounting. Most degrees take around 3 years to get completed but this is a fast-track way to attain a degree along with your ACCA. 

Generally, you have to submit a Research and Analysis Project; RAP. You will have to formally write a 7500-word report on the required academic topics which will be the basis of your OBU degree, basically a mix of accounting and finance topics, along with a 2000-word Skills and Learning Statement. This statement will clarify how you managed to complete and research the 20 topics and how they helped you develop analytical and communication skills and what sort of job prospects will it get you in the future. You will be given 3 months for the completion and 5 months ahead you will receive your degree.

How Do You Become Eligible For The OBU Degree?

● You should complete all the fundamental 9 papers of ACCA. This specifically includes F7, F8, and F9.

● Once these papers are cleared you should opt for the degree program.

● Should complete the ethics module of ACCA successfully.

● Should be proficient in written English.

● Should submit your OBU rap within 10 years of your ACCA papers.

OBU Mentoring With Vifhe

Our experienced tutors will go out of their way to help you in understanding the report. We at Vifhe will make sure that you develop the required analytical skills of analyzing and critically thinking and doing comprehensive research. Our mentoring program will give you one-on-one time and let you choose your research topic and provide 24*7 support whenever needed. Of course along with keeping the integrity part alive by helping you in submitting your report and not indulging in unlawful activity such as writing your report or providing the research topic or template. We at Vifhe shape honest individuals with their skills and integrity.