Are you tired of long-length lecture videos? Does your mind go blank after 20 minutes of a lecture video? Does that mean you hardly understand what goes on in the lecture after that time? This is a major concern about students' worlds taking over online education lectures. The major worrisome part is that students do not get a hold of the complete lecture, hence, they might miss out on the important details and make mistakes in their exams, which drastically affects results. And we do not want to go on about how it impacts mental health and well-being and peer and parental pressure which ultimately leads to anxiety and depression

Problems ACCA students face watching long length videos

Let's face it! ACCA online courses can be a tad bit confusing and dominant when it comes to concepts. To understand the concepts, the tutor will repeat the concept again and again, which elongates the lecture. The students get bored, uninterested, and irritable during the lecture, and the ultimate result is that the concept remains unclear or is not embedded in the brains of the students. Even before the exam, the student would not want to waste their time watching such a long lecture and would avoid it, which later impacts the result. Another drawback you as a student may face is that you might understand the whole chapter, but a little topic is not clear, and for that you will need to search the whole lecture for that specific topic, wasting time and energy, isn't it?


We at VIFHE treat all our students as our own and as our family, and we do not want such a thing to happen to any of our family members. Hence, we at VIFHE are not coming slowly and are retaining our pioneer status in all aspects. 
VIFHE has launched a unique concept, "Learn in 10!"
What does it mean by "learn in 10"? 
It means that our expert mentors will be teaching you a topic in 10 minutes, yes just minutes, in such a way that nothing will be missed out, and you will be completely satisfied.
Benefits of our Learn in 10 videos  
● Short videos retain concentration time span.
● You can search the specific topic or concept that you do not understand and face difficulty in rather than watch the whole lecture for one topic.
You can watch it as many times as you want.
 The concept is easy to understand and learn.
● The best part is that you can request our certified tutors to make you a 10 minute video of any specific topic or concept that you do not understand.
● You can make your personalized playlist of topic by topic and save it for future reference.
It is time-saving.
● It is available for free, YES, you can learn and understand fjr free.   So what are you waiting for? Where else would you find all of these benefits? Surely nowhere. So subscribe to our Youtube channellike us on your facebook and Instagram page and start your journey to LEARN IN 10…!!!!