Due to technological advancement and ease of access hybrid teaching styles that are digitally inclusive are trending nowadays. Hence a lot of professional courses are being taught through smart tools like webinars. 


ACCA Global is a professional body providing professional certification of

Accountancy. Its members and students are spread across the globe. As a result, ACCA provides its education through virtual means. Therefore, it uses powerful tools like webinars to give support to its students through free ACCA webinars taught by accomplished tutors. These webinars received positive feedback from students in their revision regimen as it gives the following list of benefits: 


●Opportunity to interact with tutors 

●Exam technique explained  

●Availability of previously recorded webinars

●Supply of learning material 


This webinar is a powerful tool that helps students to continue their learning process and study ACCA from home. The use of recorded webinars helps students focus on the tutor and worry less about taking notes as these can be accessed any time. The top tutors are selected for the free live webinars. You can easily register for the live webinars here, and get the timetable for the 2021 webinars.


VIFHE is a student-oriented online institute that provides professional courses for ACCA. It uses multiple learning tools such as recorded lectures, live webinars and mock sessions. 

The webinar series of Vifhe allows students across the globe to connect and interact with expert tutors. 

These webinars hosted by VifHe are free of cost and can be attended by anyone planning to give March 2021 papers. Therefore, students are encouraged to attend as it purports to give following benefits to them: 

     Revision of whole syllabus in a summarized way. This allows students to understand the scope of the syllabus.

     Past exam Question and answers solved and discussed. This gives students insight on how to plan questions, structure answers in a restricted time. 

     Tutors advice and tips on exam techniques is provided. Furthermore, tutors teach students how to  avoid repetitive mistakes. 

     Examiners reports and comments are analysed and discussed. This include:    

1.    Question specific  students' performance

2.    General/ overall paper performance  review is discussed.   

3.    Due to this discussion students get an insight on what the examiner wants which puts them in a better position on what to deliver to secure marks. 

     Time management techniques are discussed as well. This way students can plan and time their whole paper and answer accordingly. 

     Tutors also discuss the pass rate trend for their respective papers. This allows students to understand the difficulty level of the paper. 


These are some of the benefits students get while attending webinars. These tutors have vast experience and use real corporate examples in their teaching method. This allows students to differentiate theoretical concepts from real corporate workings. VIFHE offers quality courses that are proficiently delivered by the top tutors of the industry. The webinars by Vifhe have tremendously helped students all over the world secure nation-wide positions and pass in one go. To access and register the free webinars click here.


The mentors who will be giving webinars are as follows:

There are also mock sessions offered by VIFHE as a form of final revision when exams are near. These featured mocks are conducted by VIFHE under exam conditions and checked, thereafter feedback is given to students along with advice on improvement areas.


VIFHE ultimately have best interest of students in mind and consistently thrive to aid better and smart learning Experience