Why Choose VIFHE Revision Camp?

Acca papers can be tough, and a lot of students get stuck retaking one paper multiple times. If you are one of those students struggling with papers, then look no further. Vifhe is the place to get top online ACCA institute that proivdes learning experience that will help your retake become your last attempt.
The webinar series held by Vifhe are specifically customized for the resit batch and new students taking exams for the first time. The students attending these series are promised access to top qualified tutors, coordinated study material and indispensable exam techniques and tips curated for both the retakers and new students.

Highlight of the Revision Camp

When you attend this revision camp, you can get the following benefits:

Hybrid lectures:

The course will be curated in the form of recorded lectures and live webinars on zoom. Students can access recorded lectures at their ease and engage with the lecturer one on one through the live webinars.

Organized Delivery of Course:

The course is well thought out and delivered in easy to understand style so that students can progress and perform in a systematic way. This increases student’s success chances and they can track their progress and understand their strong and weak areas.

Past paper Practice:

The course offers a comprehensive review of the whole syllabus; plus past paper practice that not only increases the quality of revision but students are also encouraged to avail practice sessions to consolidate their learning.

Mock Exam:

At VIFHE students are given the facility to attempt mock exams under exam condition. This helps students get accustomed to paper patterns. If you are a new student this will greatly add value to your practice and if you are a retaker this will solidify your practice even further.

Sure pass at first Attempt:

VIFHE has delivered courses and lectures in a smart and succinct manner to over 7000 students in 60+ countries. Students testify the credibility of the faculty, resources and delivery of courses. If you are attempting papers for the first time then its revision camp starting from 5th May 2021 is there to help you pass.

Resit batch:

If you are from a retake batch, then your queries will be catered to throughout the course. Vifheprovides an interactive course so that students can gain access to a platform that is interested in helping you work through your weak areas and leverage strong areas in the paper you're resitting.
Revision is a necessary element to passing the exam, and it helps students become familiarized with paper patterns. Vifhe provides a unique online learning experience that enables students to connect with other students and access industry experts that are willing to share their expertise via their teaching methodologies combined with Vifhe's integrated course delivered online.
These are some of the benefits you can get through this revision camp, so don't miss out on this opportunity and book it for your upcoming exam.