Worst Acca Habits and How to Avoid them


Exams are approaching, and all of you who are taking ACCA classes Online must be nervous as hell. But anxiety and stress won't work, instead, staying calm and balancing out study and life will lead to positive outcomes. What you may not realize is that you may tend to adopt some habits that are detrimental to your ACCA, but trust me, we've all been there. You will be enlightened on the worst accounting habits (which you didn't even know you had until now) and how to rectify them.

Filling As Much Information As You Can

We know you are stressed about your exams, and you want to gain and learn as much as you can. For that, you want to watch the lectures, study the notes, take help from different references, simultaneously solve past papers, attempt revision questions, take classes, and what not. The result of which will be that you will gain nothing productive. Follow an institute like Vifhe that will give you a thorough understanding of the course, ample practice, live webinars, crash courses, debrief sessions, and 24/7 mentor support. Then surely you will not need to worry, as you will be acing your paper for sure.

Not Utilizing The Productive Slot

We all have our own routines and time periods in which we are most productive. This can vary from person to person. Recognize when you are able to study and learn best and what time suits you. Whether it's late night or early dawn or after you have had your meals, study in that time period. This way, you will be able to learn easily and effectively rather than just going over the notes with a blank mind.

Not Practicing Enough

This is a habit that is adopted by almost 90% of the students. Remember the good old saying, "practice makes perfect"? It's actually very true. The more you practice and study, the more you learn. Going through the notes and learning in the last few weeks will not help you much, so stop wasting time and focus on your notes and questions.

Quantity Over Quality

You're learning, you're putting in extra time to study, you're repeating everything 100s of times, but you still don't feel like you've learned anything well. Why? because you are focusing on quantitative learning rather than qualitative learning. Learn and understand rather than just memorize everything. Understanding this will make it easier for you to apply your knowledge in various exam contexts.

Not Taking Care Of Yourself 

Self-care, family time, healthy eating, sleep, and leisure are equally important for a healthy lifestyle. You will hardly be productive when you have not eaten, are tired of studying constantly, and have slept only for 4 hours. This way, you are just wasting time and effort. Balance things out and manage a proper routine. Spend time with family, get 7 to 8 hours of sleep, use social media, eat healthily, and study. You will see an improvement. So if you are taking your ACCA Online Courses shortly, then quit the worst habits listed and adopt healthy ones instead. Register for VIFHE now and pave your way toward the road to success.