Top 5 ways to beat the ACCA Result Anxiety

Faryal Nasir
ACCA result of the March 2021 attempt is just around the corner. Anxiety and stress at this time is understandable but you need to preserve your mental and physical health as well.   What is done is done now, you cannot change your result or your performance but you can look for ways to calm yourself down and cope up with the result day stress. 
Stay away from negativity
You are already under stress and what you should stay away from is things which make you more anxious or people who bring stress in your life. Some people probe you more about the results and giving their own judgements. Avoid them for now. Thinking positive will also be relaxing for you while negative thoughts will further stress you out.
Talk to someone
Talking your heart out with someone whom you can confide in or trust is essential for your wellbeing. You can discuss your feelings with them and how worried you are for your result and the pressure by your parents for good results. At VIFHE, our experienced faculty are available 24/7 whether you need some advice, get your queries answered or need some encouragement. 
Take care of yourself
The best way to deal with stress is to take care of yourself. Get a good night's sleep to relieve yourself of worries. Eat healthy food. Do something you like, spend time pampering yourself, go out with friends, watch a movie or just plain go for a walk to unwind yourself. 
Exercising is the perfect way to relieve your body of stress and also relax your mind. Try yoga or body de stressing exercises to finish all your anxiety. This will take your mind off the exam result stress and will open up your nerves to think beyond the result.
Think ahead
Now when you have de-stressed yourself and calmed down your nerves, you need to think ahead. Your result is out, whether you pass or fail you have to accept it. If you pass then it's really good, you can continue with your further ACCA courses but if you fail, then you should know that it's not the end of the world. Take it as a challenge and continue with more determination. Failure is a step towards success and not a full stop. You have to motivate yourself to study harder and smarter for next time.
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