VIFHE Gamification Model

Vifhe, an online learning institution which has spread its wings in 180+ countries with thousands of students studying ACCA Online Courses with hands-on expert mentors.
We at Vifhe continuously strive to make your learning experience and grades better through our hard working team and joint endeavors, which has been proved through the myriad of worldwide and nationwide positions that our students have received.
Once again we have brought a concept, which although is not a new one in the educational industry, but has not been implemented by our fellow peers, hence yet again we are the pioneers.
Our main focus is to instill the concepts and methodologies into our students minds along with being creative and captivating. We have launched our very own gamification model to fulfill this purpose further.
Each and every one of us is a player in the game of life, where we are competing with one another for a better future, for success, for monetary terms , for our desires or to make a name for ourselves. But not everyone gets a chance to compete in this game. However, at Vifhe, we believe in equality and we give all our students an equal chance to compete in this game of education.
Our gamification model inculcates the love of learning and succeeding in order to get higher grades. BUT WAIT!!! A game includes playing, succeeding and getting rewards. Our model gives you the best rewards, even more than your expectations. The procedure is simple. Meet all the requirements and earn points which will be turned into monetary resources and will be added into your respective accounts and you can use those to buy future courses at Vifhe.

How to Play

● Recorded sessions (35 points allocated) Watch the complete recordings of the respective paper which you are aiming for. A specific date will be shared every session by which you will have to watch all the recordings.
● Live classes (10 points allocated) Attend all the live classes. This is necessary to be eligible in the gamification model. Plus it is the best way to interact with our experts and ask questions.
● Assignments (15 points allocated) Our mentors try to assist you in every way possible and our aim is to make sure that all our students have understood all the concepts thoroughly. For this we give regular assignments to assess how capable the student is. You will need to attempt all of those assignments.
● Test your self (10 points allocated) Another innovative feature of our educational strategy is that there is a section in our website where you can attempt questions and test your own self that where you stand. You will be given a time period to attempt questions yourself and then check yourself from the videos.
● Testing platform (10 points allocated) Another feature is the testing platform. You will have to attempt all the practise questions from this part. (This is for skill level only)
● Mock (15 points allocated) yes we also give a mock paper to our students to make sure they are ready for the final paper. This is marked and then explained by our experts. We leave no stone unturned in our quest to make our students 100% satisfied. Clear the mock for the gamification model.
● The WhatsApp group (5 points allocated) Stay active on the WhatsApp group. Ask queries, take part in educational conversations and give answers.
Once you complete all these levels, your points will be calculated, and the conversion criteria is:
100 points= 30$
90 points= 20$
80 points= 10$
Last but not the least every game has its limitations, which makes it even more challenging and interesting. Our limitation here is that you must clear the respective paper before claiming your reward and the specific amount of dollars off per subsequent paper.
Isn't it fun?? So what are you waiting for? Have you joined the game of Vifhe?
Before you proceed, we would like to tell you the benefits of the gamification model. Apart from the monetary rewards there are many behavioral, emotional and motivational rewards as well.
Research says that students absorb only 10% of education when taught in a conventional book learning method. However, when visuals, hand and body movements, practical examples and voice changes are involved, they tend to gain 60% of the subject. But the most they absorb is when they strive to learn themselves and this is exactly what Vifhe has focused on.
We give the best of our knowledge, transferring our experiences, education and practical examples along with extensive practice and explanation of the questions which is further intensified by crash courses, but in the end it is YOU who needs to succeed. Lets see how our gamification model will surely cause you to clear the paper.


Human nature and our brains instantly work to their maximum capacity when a challenge is presented. It will lead you to learn and study tirelessly because you are driven by the motivation of a challenge.


All of you are competing against one another for the reward and the points. This healthy competition in education will refresh your brain and make it more sustainable for knowledge. Vifhe wants each student to get the most points possible for each paper.
In circumstances where a reward is involved, students tend to perform with more vigor and determination, as the sense of receiving a reward for an accomplishment is a great motivating factor on its own. The ultimate result of our gamification model is that, irrespective of how much monetary discount you get per paper, you will surely and definitely pass the paper, and this is our ultimate aim.