VIFHE - The World of Animations

Stop right there!!! Do not just scroll down considering Vifhe as your average online e-learning platform. Because we are not average. You will not find the teaching technology which Vifhe has in any other online platform in the world. (However, new institutes are beginning to follow our footsteps.) Yes, you can trust us on that..

We are the pioneers in bringing the learning glass technology in ACCA.

This is a technology in which you get to see the front of the teacher along with the glass board with all the workings and explanations as opposed to the old school teaching methodology. No need to wait for the mentor to move away so you can see and understand the calculations. Vifhe made its name and popularity because of its ultra skilled mentors and this unique technology in the e-learning field.
Vifhe believes in innovation and constant strategic development. This is the motive which keeps us moving forward and bringing you the best of education and learning methods. Our major driving force is to make sure that our students understand and implement each and every word that we are teaching and instill their minds with the clear concepts.
The education world has come to a halt with the pandemic. Since then online learning has sprung up. We dynamically moved forward and captured the market with our innovative study techniques alongside magical animations. Online learning has its flaws as compared to physical and face to face learning. A tutor can immediately sense the distraction or the ability to not understand the concept on their students' face in a classroom which is not possible to judge in online learning. But we have made sure to keep our students interested and keen in online learning through our virtual animations and the proof is the positions received by our various students from all over the world.
Before we tell you about the benefits of our animations, here is a small demo for you by our expert tutor Rizwan Maniya, to judge and see for yourself.

Means of engagement

A lecture or class of 2 to 3 hours where you have to listen to the teacher and just go on and on with notes on the screen can surely make you go to sleep. Especially when you are at the comfort of your home and can switch off your laptop anytime. The result of which is you miss your lectures and cannot understand a thing. Our animations attract and appeal to your body movements, with a rhythmic shift from lecture towards explanation, in a manner to relax you, to make the lecture interesting and fun, to instill the concept in your mind twice first through verbal explanation and then through graphical animations. We bring life to the lecture by implementing colors and a fun atmosphere.

Lessens the cognitive burden

A black and white lecture might get sweeped up in the back of your head with just droopy non serious eyes in the front. We surely do not want that. We have defied the old fashioned way of learning by bringing in techniques that will retain the learning abilities and make knowledge easy and accessible and reduce the cognitive burden on your brain. We design animation in relevance to the content for easy understanding. This way our students can understand the concept step by step through the visuals. Scientists have researched that the human brain can process and retain visual information more quickly and easily as compared to audio and text so the knowledge which our students gain is efficient as well as productive. Our examples portrayed by animations are practical and concerned with day to day life which our students can apply in their daily lives and thus understand the concepts by heart.

Simplify complex information

ACCA itself is a complex course. But we have designed it to make it simpler and understandable. Our mentors; skilled and experienced in their respective subjects; teach in a manner to penetrate the knowledge and information in the minds of the students. Along with our dynamic animations which break down the complex topics and lectures into smaller portions which make the topic easy to comprehend and retain. 
Still unsure??
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