Stress Management for your exams

The desire to perform well and achieve success is inbuilt in every human being since the day they enter this world. This anxiousness and aspiration, along with the ambiguous insertion of societal pressure, overwhelming responsibilities, negative remarks, and the utmost wish to please your loved ones, cause just one thing: stress. Especially when you are an ACCA student, it is expected that you should pass on the first try. Since you also have the same preference, you tend to get more and more stressed, and this sometimes leads to oppositeresults.  results. 

Thus, VIFHE, a successfully emerging online learning platform with many nationwide positions to its credit due to the incredible teaching methodologies from the finest facilitators and the inclusion of fast-paced technology, is here to present the top tips to manage stress before exams.

Make a plan

You must have heard this everywhere and you may also do it every single time, but Vifhe believes in making plans and then following it religiously. Make realistic plans and timetables and follow it accordingly.

Start preparation beforehand

Our CEO, Rizwan Maniya, at Vifhe, advises all his students to start preparation at least two months before the course. This gives you ample time to understand the concepts and learn the material. 

Practice. Practice and Practice

As you all know, practice is the key to passing. Our excellent mentor Hassan Dossani, emphasizes on the power of practice. 

Take care of yourself

The most important point which is also the most overlooked. Sleep well, eat healthy, take time out for yourself every day, spend time with your loved ones and exercise. Human body and brain do not perform well in stress. So take care of yourself and free yourself from stress. 

Classes, webinars and mock

Take all the classes, attend our free live ACCA webinars which are extremely helpful, and our revision classes are the cherry on top. Register for a specimen mock exam and get it assessed by our experts to know where you stand. Finally, feel free to contact our mentors at any time.

Beating exam day nerves

  • Take a hearty breakfast which is healthy and filling.
  • Stay hydrated as being thirsty increases stress.
  • Wear comfortable clothes.
  • Make sure you have prepared everything you need for the exam day.
  • Reach at least 45 minutes before the exam in case you need to use the washroom due to the exam jitters
  • Keep aside your notes now as last minute preparation will further complicate matters.
  • Relax and be positive.
  • Trust yourself and tell yourself that you have got this and you will ace it because you have studied from Vifhe.
Since 2019, the whole world has come to a standstill. Globally, we have come together as a team to defeat the culprit, COVID-19. ACCA has not been unaffected by it, but ACCA Global has found different paths so that the education remains unmissed and students world over continue to work harder and strive for a better tomorrow. Hence the need for remote exams This is a sort of exam that you can give in the comfort of your home, with a proctor assigned for invigilation. This too has tons of shortcomings and difficulties but not to worry as VIFHE jumps in to help you deal with circumstances and make it easy for you
The horrific stress of the June 2021 remote exam
You do not need to worry if you are fully prepared for the exam and have regularly attended our classes and lectures, learned from our notes, watched our webinars and YouTube lectures and taken the exclusive revision sessions by our experts. But you need to take the following measures before the exam day.
  • Make sure you have a strong and active internet connection which stays put even if the electricity goes out. Because any electrical failure will cause you to be terminated from your exam.
  • Make sure you do not have anything on your table apart from a glass of water.
  • You should be alone in your room and in proper view of the proctor and no one should come into your room till the paper ends. You are not supposed to move from your place till the end of the exam which means no bathroom breaks and answering to any of your family members.
  • Incase of any software failure you should immediately contact the ACCA invigilator and let them know the scenario.
  • For more information please visit the ACCA GLOBAL page and website for the remote exam FAQs.

The June 2021 remote exams are beginning from 7th June. Watch the game changer webinar series by Vifhe to ace your exams.